Be a history maker!!!

If the current government were toppled in the coming general election…..

and you join himpunan kebangkitan rakyat rally tomorrow at stadium merdeka…..

you will be proud of yourself…..

because you had involved in a historical event that would change our political landscape….

i would not be joining the rally tomorrow because I have my own agenda tomorrow…..

but I will be supporting the rally from afar…..

ABU!!! ABU!!! ABU!!!

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Shame On You, Old Men

Dear Professor Dr. Zakaria bin Kasa and Dato’ Paduka Dr. Junaidi b. Abu Bakar,

Thank you for oppressing those who speak for their rights.

Thank you for allowing a group of UMNO-led protesters to protest in front of the campus but calling the police to crackdown the peaceful sit-down demonstration by a group of unarmed students.

Thank you for the double standard.

Thank you for making 17 students to sleep at lock-up.

Thank you for expelling Yuyu Luna from her residential college.

Thank you for threatening to bar her from sitting all her final exam papers.

Thank you for letting the whole world know who Adam Adli is.

Thank you for establishing good rapport with UMNO politicians that got one of you promoted from DS 52 to JUSA B.

Thank you for making people feel distasteful towards UPSI.

Thank you and thank you.




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Welcome Year 2012 With Ugliness…In Tanjung Malim…

While the whole world was welcoming the arrival of year 2012, a group of student activists too was doing the same. Besides that, they were having a peaceful demonstration at my alma mater. What they asked  for was just academic freedom to be practised in the country. They were not armed. In fact, they posed no danger to anyone. Why did the police have to resort to violence to suppress them? Was it necessary to beat the protesters up? What really pisses me off is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of UPSI . If he really disapproves peaceful acts of civil disobedience, why has he allowed the UMNO-led demonstrators to march in front of UPSI campus? Did he call the police to stop or even to arrest them? Why have you become a hypocrite, Datuk Paduka Dr. Junaidi Abu Bakar? Why the double standard with two different groups of demonstrators?

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Toastmaster Project 1 Speech : The Ice Breaker

Mr. President, fellow toastmasters and valued guest,

Good evening!

“This college experience is really important to me, and I won’t give it up for anything.” This is what told by Emma Watson when interviewed about her college life at Brown University in the United States of America. Emma Watson is one of the prominent actresses in the Harry Potters film series. In the series, she can do wonders with her magic wand. Well. If I had a magic wand, I would like to take a trip back to my past. This trip may never take place in reality, at least at the moment and also in the near future. However, I do believe that I can still walk down my memory lane by recounting about my freshman year at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI).

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s follow me on this trip back to my freshman days.

Before I was accepted to study at UPSI, I actually applied to study there online just a few hours before the closing time. I had to thank my former school Economics teacher, Madam Tay for helping me to buy the pin number needed to apply for a university admission online. A few weeks later, I received a telephone call that required me to attend an interview for the university admission at UPSI. My father and I first took a bus trip from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur before heading to Tanjong Malim from Kuala Lumpur also by bus. UPSI is located in Tanjong Malim. As we were very unfamiliar with some of the peculiar places in our journey, we faced a lot of problems. For instance, we were almost cheated by a taxi driver who told us that there was no single bus that went to Tanjong Malim. Fortunately, my father was wise enough to detect that the man was lying to us. Eventually, we managed to get a bus to Tanjong Malim.

On the next day, I had to sit for a written test before the interview. All the interviewees were required to write an essay about ‘How to Be a Good Teacher’. After that, Mr. Ahmad Zainuri, who eventually became my lecturer and Miss Intan Syafinaz Albakry interviewed me. The questions posed to me were rather tricky. In one of their questions, they wanted to know my stand about the widely reported existence of a giant ape, yeti in almost all newspapers. As I had not read about that, I told both the interviewers, that I did not believe about the yeti’s existence and that it was merely a rumour to sell the newspapers like hot cakes. As I worked as a pub waiter at Coffeetrap then, Mr. Ahmad Zainuri also asked me how the job would help my English proficiency. I told him, “Every day, I meet customers from all walks of life including foreign customers. I usually speak English with them. This is how I practise English.”

After my interview, I thought I was not impressive enough to be given a place to study at UPSI. However, once again I was lucky. A few months after that, I received a letter telling me to report at the campus. Once again, my father and I had to take a trip back to Tanjong Malim. During the first week of my campus life, I enjoyed the orientation week as I got the chance to make friends with students who came from all over Malaysia. I was very proud then because I was the only student who owned a 3G phone in the cohort of 1500 students.

The following week, I attended my first lesson, Reading Skills. The lecturer who taught us was a chubby but cute lady, Madam Azizah Atan. There is nothing much to talk about this class, except she threw some assignments to be completed by us. In my second class, another lady, this time a fierce looking one, Miss Noraini taught us about Writing Skills. She appeared to be a no-nonsense lecturer and none of her students dared to cause problems in her class.

As a freshman, I always struggled to adjust my life at the campus. There was a time after the mid-semester holidays, I accidentally arrived late to my Sociology class. The class started at 2pm. I actually came to the campus one hour earlier. Somehow, I thought the class would start at 3pm. What did I do between 1pm until 3pm? Well, I was chatting with my friend from Sabah at a café in the campus. When we were chatting for over one hour, I sensed that something was wrong. I felt remorseful because suddenly I recalled that I was late to the class. I had a dilemma. I did not know whether I should go to the class or not. After the second thought, I walked all the way to the lecture hall. Butterflies in the stomach. That describes my feeling. Finally I arrived right in front of the lecture hall. Even though I was hesitant, I braved myself to enter the class. Then, I apologized to the lecturer for my lateness. To my surprise, the lecturer, Dr. Amir Hasan Dawi told me, “Dia ni seorang budak yang baik. Jadi sekali-sekala datang lewat apa salahnya”. The whole lecture hall burst into laughing.

Despite being sloppy throughout my freshman year, I actually obtained almost all A’s for every paper in my final exam.

In conclusion, I want to tell you all that I am actually better than Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer before eventually becoming a congressman and the 16th President of America. In spite of that, he only had a formal education of less than one year. On the other hand, I graduated with my first degree as recent as last year. Even though, I may not become the second Lincoln, I am sure I would succeed and have a bright future in my life.

Back to you!

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Is Civil Disobedience A Crime?

  1. St. Augustine once said that an unjust law is no law at all.
  2. Are we going to keep quiet if a tyrannical government rules with an iron fist?
  3. What if our rights were denied by the government?
  4. How would you feel when our voice is unheard?
  5. What can we do when both the police and the army are used to suppress the people?
  6. Do you want to allow a corrupt regime to squander your hard earned money?
  7. Can you bear any longer when an arrogant regime practises double standard to its people?
  8. Do you want to read and listen to lies on the mainstream media?
  9. As a citizen, we have the right to express our feelings.
  10. We are allowed to protest on the street.
  11. Protests and demonstrations are not barbaric acts.
  12. Both Gandhi and Mandela are no ordinary people. Both are intellectuals. They have marched against injustice in their countries.
  13. In fact, the right to public assembly is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  14. Adam Adli was right when he took down Najib’s flag on the other day.
  15. If people in Malaysia are as brave as Adli, our leaders will be thinking twice before taking us for a ride.
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Public Speaking 1 : My Father.

Good afternoon. My name is Yuki Tan. Let me begin by showing you a short video clip.

Today, I want to tell you three things about my father. No.1, my father is a helpful man. No. 2, my father is good at sports. No. 3, my father loves to read.

Ladies and gentleman,

My father likes to assist those who need his help. I still remember one day, while driving our family back home from Genting Highland, we saw a man lying down on the road. The man was hit by a car. Nevertheless, the car driver was missing from the scene. Without thinking twice, my father drove the man to a nearby hospital. Due to my father’s kindness, the life of that man was saved.

My father is good at sports. He can play hockey very well. When he was young, he used to represent Malaysia in the Olympics. Besides, he also plays badminton. Every Saturday evening, my father and I play badminton at Chin Woo Badminton Court. Although he is older than me, he can beat me easily.

My father likes to read very much. He may not have attended any prestigious schools or colleges, but I feel ashamed to say that he reads more books than I do. Each time I arrive home from my class, I always see him reading a book on his rocking chair. Every day, he reads different books.

In conclusion, I want to thank God for giving me such a good father. I think he is the best father on earth. I love you, Papa. Thank you.

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Mamat Khalid Must Have Tasted Sour Grapes.

If I were Namewee, I would have had a toast with my closest family members, relatives and friends.

Why not? My haters have helped me to become a more popular figure. After releasing my debut film production, a group of punks from Ipoh protested on the street thinking that they could stop the people there to watch my film. I would not blame the punks because they do not know the meaning of ad hominem. If you too do not know what it means, I would advise you to look up the word in a dictionary.

What really sickens me to the core is a prominent film director whose name is ‘Mamat something’ would shoot from the hip. I would not had minded had he really criticized my film, whether it (the criticism) was constructive or not constructive. He was actually picking on me. I am pretty sure Mamat and those punks have not watched Nasi Lemak 2.0.

I understand that I used to insult our national anthem which was actually infringed from Mamula Moon. I am sorry if I have mocked the lifestyles and religions of the indigenous communities here.

Well, we are not flawless. We are bound to commit mistakes. Even our beloved Prime Minister once vowed to bathe his Malay dagger with blood of ethnic Chinese. Yet, he was elected as the number one person in this country.

In Perak, a law maker had even made a derogatory remark which would really hurt the ethnic Indian community. She said, “Kalau jumpa Keling sama ular, pukul keling dulu.” Alas, she managed to get off scot-free.

Well. To the Ipoh punks. If you really love this nation, why don’t you do something productive to take this country to a new height?

To Mamat Khalid, If you really want to see our Prime Minister that badly, go make an appointment at the Prime Minister Office. If you have not eaten grapes, don’t mislead others by saying that grapes are sour.

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