Gong Xi Fa Chai

Lunar New Year celebration is around the corner. It reminds me of  some experiences happened in my younger days. During those days, children like me would be happy to collect red packets. However, for adults, giving away red packets was something they felt reluctant to do so. They had to part with their money in order to make children of theirs as well as others smile. In spite of that, the tradition of giving and receiving red packets is still much alive even though time has changed and we are living in a more sophisticated world with sophisticated needs and demands. I guess this custom will always be alive for as long as Lunar New Year is still celebrated by the Chinese around the globe. It is good to keep a tradition alive because usually there are some good virtues and values that we can learn and follow from. For instance, having reunion dinner with family members and relatives is a must in any Chinese family. Apparently, the spirit of togetherness is shown because everyone in the house must be present at the table before anyone can have his/her first taste of the food. Besides, the sense of responsibility is also inculcated here. One will usually feel bad if other family members and guests are made to wait for one due to one’s lateness for the dinner. Well. This is my two cents worth about Lunar New Year. Gong Xi Fa Chai!


About icon4ever

The blogger used to be a rebel in his childhood. Never did he realize he could be what he is today. He is fully indebted to those who have been playing imperative roles for grooming him to be what he is now.
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