Looking Into The Mirror

This is my first blog entry ever since I posted my last entry on 15 February 2011. So, why have not I been blogging for the past seven months? Was I busy? Have I lost my interest in writing? Did I find a new interest? Well, some answers for these questions remain unknown even to myself. Perhaps, I could only answer the last question. Yes, over the past seven months, I have been trying and doing many new things in which I could only fantasize during my younger days. Despite finding and enjoying many excitements while doing new things, I realize something. I am always who I am. Yes. No matter how hard I try, I will never become another person. So, why should I live in somebody’s shadow? I should be happy to be myself. Perhaps, you too should be happy to be yourself.


About icon4ever

The blogger used to be a rebel in his childhood. Never did he realize he could be what he is today. He is fully indebted to those who have been playing imperative roles for grooming him to be what he is now.
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