Mamat Khalid Must Have Tasted Sour Grapes.

If I were Namewee, I would have had a toast with my closest family members, relatives and friends.

Why not? My haters have helped me to become a more popular figure. After releasing my debut film production, a group of punks from Ipoh protested on the street thinking that they could stop the people there to watch my film. I would not blame the punks because they do not know the meaning of ad hominem. If you too do not know what it means, I would advise you to look up the word in a dictionary.

What really sickens me to the core is a prominent film director whose name is ‘Mamat something’ would shoot from the hip. I would not had minded had he really criticized my film, whether it (the criticism) was constructive or not constructive. He was actually picking on me. I am pretty sure Mamat and those punks have not watched Nasi Lemak 2.0.

I understand that I used to insult our national anthem which was actually infringed from Mamula Moon. I am sorry if I have mocked the lifestyles and religions of the indigenous communities here.

Well, we are not flawless. We are bound to commit mistakes. Even our beloved Prime Minister once vowed to bathe his Malay dagger with blood of ethnic Chinese. Yet, he was elected as the number one person in this country.

In Perak, a law maker had even made a derogatory remark which would really hurt the ethnic Indian community. She said, “Kalau jumpa Keling sama ular, pukul keling dulu.” Alas, she managed to get off scot-free.

Well. To the Ipoh punks. If you really love this nation, why don’t you do something productive to take this country to a new height?

To Mamat Khalid, If you really want to see our Prime Minister that badly, go make an appointment at the Prime Minister Office. If you have not eaten grapes, don’t mislead others by saying that grapes are sour.


About icon4ever

The blogger used to be a rebel in his childhood. Never did he realize he could be what he is today. He is fully indebted to those who have been playing imperative roles for grooming him to be what he is now.
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