Is Civil Disobedience A Crime?

  1. St. Augustine once said that an unjust law is no law at all.
  2. Are we going to keep quiet if a tyrannical government rules with an iron fist?
  3. What if our rights were denied by the government?
  4. How would you feel when our voice is unheard?
  5. What can we do when both the police and the army are used to suppress the people?
  6. Do you want to allow a corrupt regime to squander your hard earned money?
  7. Can you bear any longer when an arrogant regime practises double standard to its people?
  8. Do you want to read and listen to lies on the mainstream media?
  9. As a citizen, we have the right to express our feelings.
  10. We are allowed to protest on the street.
  11. Protests and demonstrations are not barbaric acts.
  12. Both Gandhi and Mandela are no ordinary people. Both are intellectuals. They have marched against injustice in their countries.
  13. In fact, the right to public assembly is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  14. Adam Adli was right when he took down Najib’s flag on the other day.
  15. If people in Malaysia are as brave as Adli, our leaders will be thinking twice before taking us for a ride.

About icon4ever

The blogger used to be a rebel in his childhood. Never did he realize he could be what he is today. He is fully indebted to those who have been playing imperative roles for grooming him to be what he is now.
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