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The blogger used to be a rebel in his childhood. Never did he realize he could be what he is today. He is fully indebted to those who have been playing imperative roles for grooming him to be what he is now.

Be a history maker!!!

If the current government were toppled in the coming general election….. and you join himpunan kebangkitan rakyat rally tomorrow at stadium merdeka….. you will be proud of yourself….. because you had involved in a historical event that would change our … Continue reading

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Shame On You, Old Men

Dear Professor Dr. Zakaria bin Kasa and Dato’ Paduka Dr. Junaidi b. Abu Bakar, Thank you for oppressing those who speak for their rights. Thank you for allowing a group of UMNO-led protesters to protest in front of the campus … Continue reading

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Welcome Year 2012 With Ugliness…In Tanjung Malim…

While the whole world was welcoming the arrival of year 2012, a group of student activists too was doing the same. Besides that, they were having a peaceful demonstration at my alma mater. What they asked  for was just academic freedom to be practised in … Continue reading

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Toastmaster Project 1 Speech : The Ice Breaker

Mr. President, fellow toastmasters and valued guest, Good evening! “This college experience is really important to me, and I won’t give it up for anything.” This is what told by Emma Watson when interviewed about her college life at Brown … Continue reading

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Is Civil Disobedience A Crime?

St. Augustine once said that an unjust law is no law at all. Are we going to keep quiet if a tyrannical government rules with an iron fist? What if our rights were denied by the government? How would you feel … Continue reading

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Public Speaking 1 : My Father.

Good afternoon. My name is Yuki Tan. Let me begin by showing you a short video clip. Today, I want to tell you three things about my father. No.1, my father is a helpful man. No. 2, my father is … Continue reading

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Mamat Khalid Must Have Tasted Sour Grapes.

If I were Namewee, I would have had a toast with my closest family members, relatives and friends. Why not? My haters have helped me to become a more popular figure. After releasing my debut film production, a group of punks from Ipoh … Continue reading

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