Looking Into The Mirror

This is my first blog entry ever since I posted my last entry on 15 February 2011. So, why have not I been blogging for the past seven months? Was I busy? Have I lost my interest in writing? Did I find a new interest? Well, some answers for these questions remain unknown even to myself. Perhaps, I could only answer the last question. Yes, over the past seven months, I have been trying and doing many new things in which I could only fantasize during my younger days. Despite finding and enjoying many excitements while doing new things, I realize something. I am always who I am. Yes. No matter how hard I try, I will never become another person. So, why should I live in somebody’s shadow? I should be happy to be myself. Perhaps, you too should be happy to be yourself.

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A Valentine Story

As usual, the special Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th day of February. This year, the celebration is made even more special when it has riled up a hoo-ha in this country as reported in  both the print media and the electronic media.

Recently, a youth leader from a political party proposed  a Valentine’s Day crackdown to curb sexual immorality from taking place. His good intention was somehow being responded with criticism from his counterparts of other political parties including the ones from his party’s alliance. It did not just stop there. When a religious teacher urged a group of younger people not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, she actually linked the immorality caused to the culture found in Christianity. A few political figures stood up to rebut her sermon.

Despite all the hoo-ha, Valentine’s Day actually makes a young man  to recall his memory of the last Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day  coincidentally fell on the same day as the Chinese Lunar New Year of that year. This young man who was in his final year as a varsity student chose not to go back to be with his family members on the first day of Lunar New Year. Instead, he took a bus to Kuala Lumpur to buy a Valentine gift with the hope to impress his heart-throb when the day would become midnight. At night, after the clock struck twelve on the 14 February 2010, the young man set his journey of sending the gift on foot. Actually, he was a shy man. But he had made up his mind to conquer all his shyness and fears to accomplish his mission…

Eventually, that man had actually failed to win the heart of his heart-throb. He felt extremely down. His final year as an undergraduate student was almost as good as collapsed. He almost flunked his final year paper which could have cost his on-time graduation…

Today, this man is doing quite well as a working professional. He does not really care whether he has a girlfriend or not. He has somehow found out that romance is made in Heaven. A decent girl is meant for another decent guy. Therefore, it is important to maintain one’s decency. He has actually learned this while watching the film, ‘Aku Masih Dara’.

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Gong Xi Fa Chai

Lunar New Year celebration is around the corner. It reminds me of  some experiences happened in my younger days. During those days, children like me would be happy to collect red packets. However, for adults, giving away red packets was something they felt reluctant to do so. They had to part with their money in order to make children of theirs as well as others smile. In spite of that, the tradition of giving and receiving red packets is still much alive even though time has changed and we are living in a more sophisticated world with sophisticated needs and demands. I guess this custom will always be alive for as long as Lunar New Year is still celebrated by the Chinese around the globe. It is good to keep a tradition alive because usually there are some good virtues and values that we can learn and follow from. For instance, having reunion dinner with family members and relatives is a must in any Chinese family. Apparently, the spirit of togetherness is shown because everyone in the house must be present at the table before anyone can have his/her first taste of the food. Besides, the sense of responsibility is also inculcated here. One will usually feel bad if other family members and guests are made to wait for one due to one’s lateness for the dinner. Well. This is my two cents worth about Lunar New Year. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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My New Blog

This blog will be one of my platforms to express my views with immediate effect.

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